analysts weigh in on The Slide

Experts weigh in on The Slide NEW YORK This much is definite: Anyone who bemoans that baseball’s gone soft never covered second base with Chase Utley bearing down on any double play. What’s not so clear is actually Utley’s takeout slide Saturday night, One which broke the right leg of New York Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada and created all this postseason clatter, Was filthy play. Irrespective of where your allegiance might lie, It was a flash point play ruled legal by umpires that over night dropped jaws and grabbed attention for several reasons. First, Runners rarely go in that hard at second base at this point, Although Utley long ago earned a notable reputable name it. Second, It led to a severe injury. Yet third, It was the level in a playoff game that millions were watching. So it’s my feeling doubt, Utley flipping Tejada at Dodger Stadium will become this generation’s reference point for famous takeout slides a flashback to a bygone era when middle infielders were wiped out with such force more often. Think about Pete Rose barreling into Bud Harrelson, Sparking a brawl between the Reds and Mets in the 1973 NL great Series. Or Hal McRae upending Willie Randolph the particular 1977 Royals Yankees ALCS. And this one had all the qualities of a sports injury that wont soon be forgotten like Rose running over Ray Fosse at home plate, Or Lawrence Taylor getting upset Joe Theismann’s leg on”Monday Night golf, Being a, Argument raged on, With current and former players from all around the majors weighing in on social media and tv. “I hate the advantage that people keep saying he plays the game hard. Everybody on this area plays the game hard, Said ESPN expert Alex Cora, A middle infielder during his wagering days. “There’s a way discover play the game, And it’s not the way. “There’s no way it can be done, He additional. “If Chase Utley doesn’t retire and he’s playing pick up, He will get drilled. He will get one in the ribs, Sustain, Most everyone with any interest has seen a replay of the violent accident that swung Game 2 of the NL Division Series in Los Angeles’ favor. Making use of Dodgers trailing by a run in the seventh inning Jose Ramirez jersey, Utley slammed into Tejada at second base to guarantee the Mets could not complete a double play that would have kept them ahead Carlos Santana jersey. Utley decided in high and hard, Crashing into Tejada’s legs and flipping the shortstop go heels. The tying run have won, Tejada was wheeled off with a broken fibula and the Dodgers rallied for three more runs in the inning, Going on to a 5 2 victory that evened the very best of five series at one apiece. “I feel harmful that he was injured. I had no intent to hurt him whatever, Shown Utley, An All Star second baseman carry on firsthand the perils of turning two. “You have to break up the double play. That’s winning ball, Takeout slides are an accepted part of the game probably always will be. The general guideline is they’re covering the rules as long as a runner doesn’t go so far out of the basepath that he can’t reach second base. But there are also an etiquette to it because the later the slide, The more dangerous it is actually. “I just try sign on low, Chi town Cubs slugger Anthony Rizzo said. “There’s ways to have, There’s ways to avoid it, Utley transpired late, Twisting himself beyond the bag to clip Tejada rather than doing this to touch second base. Tejada was in a vulnerable and open position, Together with back to the oncoming runner, After reaching behind his own body to glove an off target toss from Murphy and attempting to make a spinning pivot. “I bet if he didn’t get hurt nobody would be bringing up it, Houston Astros novice shortstop Carlos Correa said. A comment in the state Baseball Rules to Rule 5.09 (Any kind of a major) (13) Indicates umpires could have called an inning ending double play if they determined Utley caused problems with with Tejada. “The intention of this rule is to penalize the offensive team for deliberate, Unwarranted, Unsportsmanlike action by the runner in leaving the baseline for well-known purpose of crashing the pivot man on a double play, Relatively trying to reach the base, The thought reads. “Obviously it is really an umpire’s judgment play,

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